tickling toes
morning dew baptizes feet
old made new
refreshing the dawn
in the garden
night time critters scramble for shelter
morning shifts wake up
the dance continues
beauty smothers my inner chaos
silencing anxiety
unshackling senses
cultivating a receptive heart
stopping, listening
gentle breeze caressing my face
waiting for the symphony to begin
anticipating God’s grand creation
hums, buzzes, chirps,
chaotic at first
wild instruments tuning for a grand performance
the whole creation sings!

AFWade  7.9.2015

This post was originally featured on Godspace, at that time the blog for Mustard Seed Associates where Andy worked for nine years. Be sure to check out Christine Sine's Godspacelight blog featuring more of Andy's writings as well as writers from around the world exploring many aspects of Christian spirituality.

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